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The mission of Thoughts in the Margin, Inc. is to produce video and print media content that resonates with domestic and international audiences.

Since its inception in 1990 by John M. Fasano, Thoughts in the Margin, Inc. has been on the leading edge, developing independent and studio distributed feature films and television projects in a variety of genres including horror, action, romance and family.

In 2014 Thoughts in the Margin, Inc. expanded into the commercial video market when John and Edie Fasano, his wife and business partner, produced and directed the popular instructional yoga video series for Param Yoga.

John and Edie continued to expand Thoughts in the Margin, Inc. In Print media as they explored and wrote about their many interests.

John's motto was "Always Forward!"  After his death in August 2014 Edie is holding fast to that motto as she creates new projects, continuing the mission of Thoughts in the Margin, Inc., knowing that John will find a way to chime in  from the "Land Beyond Beyond".

Stay tuned!